Welcome New Board Member Kimberly A. Reno

August 2022

Kimberly A. Reno is a retired group financial lead for Gannett, a publicly traded company.  Kimberly held this position at Schurz Communications from 2003-2019, before the privately held company was acquired by Gannett.  She has also served on the board of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra in Hagerstown, Maryland, where she was treasurer and committee chair of the endowment fund.  Additionally, Kimberly served as a board member and treasurer of the Washington County Community Action Council, an organization founded in the 1960s to combat poverty.  Kimberly holds a master’s degree from Walsh College and a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree from Lawrence Technology University and is a certified public accountant.  She currently resides in Michigan, making her Unified’s first virtual board member.  Kimberly’s late husband worked in Unified’s Finance Department.