Assistive Technology

Unified Community Connections’ No Boundaries Assistive Technology Center

Unified Community Connections’ No Boundaries Assistive Technology Center provides assessment, therapy, and training for children and adults with communication and computer-access difficulties. We provide services to individuals with any type of disability including cerebral palsy, ALS, multiple sclerosis, Down syndrome, autism, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities and more. The No Boundaries Center is staffed with licensed speech-language pathologists who specialize in assistive technology.

Services for Maryland Children and Adults with Communication and Computer-access Difficulties

Services offered by the No Boundaries Center include:

  • augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) assessment  and training
  • computer access assessments and training for individuals with cognitive and physical deficits
  • computer software recommendations for individuals with reading, writing and spelling deficits
  • information regarding funding for assistive technology equipment
  • in-services providing information and training on AAC and assistive technology
  • speech and language assessments and therapy

Schedule an Appointment at the No Boundaries Center

To schedule an appointment, please download, print, fill out and return the AT Referral Form (DOC).

For more information about Unified Community Connections’ No Boundaries Assistive Technology Center, contact Angela Strauch or call 443-449-2580.

How Our Assistive Technology Services Make a Difference

iPads Revolutionize Communication for People with Speech Deficits

Sleek, shiny and futuristic, “the iPad is undeniably cool,” according to a Daily News review. Despite or perhaps because of the tablet computer’s cool factor, Unified Community Connections is harnessing iPads to help people with speech deficits.

“People with speech deficits like to use the iPad as an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device because ‘everyone’ is carrying one these days. Even though they need to use a piece of assistive technology, they don’t look ‘different’ than other people,” said Angela Strauch Lane, a speech-language pathologist and director of Assistive Technology at Unified Community Connections.

iPads, which are less expensive than other devices, offer hundreds of thousands of applications, including programs that aid in communication and speech development. In addition, Unified Community Connections uses iPads to motivate and engage children in standard speech and language therapy. “It’s a great way to get kids to willingly participate in therapy activities,” Angela said.

The Assistive Technology Center at Unified Community Connections specializes in computer-like devices that help people with speaking deficits communicate as well as special hardware and software that help people access computers. Unified Community Connections currently uses nine iPads, two of which belong to the Assistive Technology Center.

To offer competitive services to people in need, Angela said the Assistive Technology Center must keep up with assistive technology and training, which changes every year. “Unified Community Connections benefits from donations to purchase new assistive technology equipment,” Angela said, “so that we can remain a state-of-the-art program and provide the most comprehensive and professional services to our consumers.”

For more information about Unified Community Connections’ No Boundaries Assistive Technology Center, contact Angela Strauch or call 443-449-2580.