Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment Services Find Gainful Employment for Maryland Adults with Disabilities

At Unified Community Connections, we believe that locating and maintaining gainful employment is a vital step to achieving independence. We are committed to helping people choose, find and keep jobs they like by uniting people with occupations that fit their individual personalities and skills. Our Supported Employment services are available to provide assistance with job selection, interviewing, training, and maintaining both paid and volunteer positions within the community.

Matching People with Disabilities to Occupations Fitting Their Personality and Skills

Unified Community Connections’ staff conduct vocational assessments to help individuals define their strengths and areas of work interest. To build self-confidence, individuals in the program receive supports and assistance in job skills, resumes and job applications as well as simulated job interviews. Job developers employed by Unified Community Connections devote time to cultivate community employment resources that will increase job opportunities for all individuals with disabilities.

Personalized Supported Employment Services

Once a job is obtained, our staff will arrange on-the-job site visits to ensure success. Staff help individuals maintain a dialogue with employers and improve individual job quality and productivity with on-the-job training and supports as needed. All participants receiving employment services have an individual plan that targets their personal and professional goals and objectives.

Licensed and Inspected Supported Employment Services in Maryland

Unified Community Connections’ Supported Employment services program is inspected and licensed by Maryland’s Office of Health Care Quality. Representatives of the Developmental Disabilities Administration conduct additional announced and unannounced inspections.

Read our supported employment and adult day programs brochure (PDF) for more information, contact us.

How Our Supported Employment Makes a Difference

Heather Taddei Works and Volunteers in her Community

The Unified Community Connections Supported Employment program in the Western region has had the privilege of working with Heather Taddei and nominated her for the Samuel A. Tucker Memorial “Can Do” Award.

Heather has held several volunteer and job positions in her community. As part of her school program, Heather started working at the 5 Below retail store, where she received full-time job coaching services. At graduation, Heather did not want to jeopardize her position at the store during her transition from child to adult services, so she took it upon herself to contact the services of Unified Community Connections’ Supported Employment. The supported employment program works closely with community businesses, helping to find employment opportunities for the individuals that we serve as well as helping the individuals secure jobs and be effective at their jobs.

Since becoming a part of our Supported Employment program in July 2010, Heather has impressed both the Unified Community Connections staff and her employers with her dedication and willingness to complete any tasks set before her. With Unified Community Connections’ support and her own determination, Heather has been able to hold the daunting role of cashier at 5 Below. Heather’s attention to detail and diligence in this role has allowed her not only to work at this position independently without a job coach, but also to become 5 Below’s “go to, can do” employee, who can be depended upon in any situation. Heather is now one of the most productive and well liked store associates working at 5 Below.

In addition to working at 5 Below, Heather started volunteering at Alice’s Cottage, a home decorating catalogue company, where she works in the warehouse processing department—packaging orders to be shipped. Alice’s Cottage was so impressed with Heather that they offered her a job, commenting that Heather is now one of their biggest producers.

Unified Community Connections thanks 5 Below and Alice’s Cottage for giving Heather a chance and making her work experiences so positive. Heather credits our Supported Employment program with helping her with her presentation skills and doing job coaching.

Heather also volunteers in her community at the local Children In Need Program. She does this because of her desire to give back to the community that she feels has given her so much. Heather is a tremendous help to staff and consumers at Children In Need and is always excited to volunteer there.

Heather’s spirit and “Can Do” approach colors every task she completes, and her dedication to those around her makes her a success in any capacity. For Heather, it is not about the awards or recognition, but instead, it is about dedication and service to others, which is why she was named a “Can Do” Award winner.