Tim Bailey Named 2016 Can Do Winner

Tim Bailey received the Samuel A. Tucker Memorial Can Do Award at Hoodstock on October 22.  Tim currently resides in one of our residential homes and attends our Crossroads Day Center, where he is a member of the Community Learning Services team.  Tim came to Unified in 2005 during a very difficult time in his life.  But, since coming to Unified, Tim has worked with staff to develop coping strategies to overcome his challenges.  Tim is known for his friendly demeanor and his easy to talk to personality.  He is very protective of his staff and also has an amazing memory – you say you are going to do something and Tim will hold you to that promise.

Growing up on the southwest side of Baltimore, Tim, as a child, befriended several food vendors at the Hollins Market and would help them with several of their tasks such as breaking down boxes, taking out the trash, stocking materials, and doing whatever else they needed.  As time moved on, Tim became a fixture at the market and began to get paid for his assistance.  The merchants made sure to save work for Tim because they knew he would show up every day rain or shine.  That tradition has continued for 45 years.

Tim is also a member of Unified’s Community Learning Services team which dedicates their time to helping others in need throughout Baltimore.  This team has logged over 2,983 volunteer service hours by helping at local charities such as Meals on Wheels, The Ronald McDonald House, and The Salvation Army to name a few.  This team is driven, hardworking, and above all compassionate.  Not only are they dedicated to representing themselves and the agency with pride, but they are also dedicated to helping others who are less fortunate.  They have that Can Do attitude and Tim, in particular, has shown great determination in living an independent life, which is why he was selected to receive this year’s Can Do award.

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