Carasolva Medsupport Improves Quality of Care

To complement and tie into Carematic ®, a web-based automated record keeping system with a real-time data base, United Cerebral Palsy of Central Maryland (UCP-CM) has introduced CaraSolva MedSupport.  This new web-based mobile care management system with eMAR (electronic Medication Administration Record) has been introduced into UCP-CM’s Western Region Day Centers and Residential homes to increase organizational efficiency and improve the quality of care and safety of the individuals we serve.

Individualized plans for medications, treatments, vitals, exercises, tasks and calendar-related events must be developed and carried out daily for each individual served in order to guide our staff and safeguard our individuals.  The eMAR provides clear and easy to read Medication Administration Records that reduce medication errors, improve compliance and staff accountability, improve audit ability, and secure sharing of patient information with doctors and nurses.

The system can schedule and prompt for treatments and tasks via text messages or emails, allow for rapid approval and verification, and may be used from any computer, smart phone, or tablet.  The CaraSolva MedSupport system has resulted in improved service delivery, greater accuracy, increased privacy, lower cost and better quality of care for our individuals.  Since implementing the system, we have already experienced a significant drop in medication errors with an increase in time and money saved that can now be focused on engaging our individuals in activities that promote their growth and independence.  

CaraSolva MedSupport is now operational in our Western Region.  UCP-CM is currently seeking the funding to expand this system into its Central Region as well.

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